Sunday, October 4, 2009

Diving In

So I've been told by many of my colleagues that I have to get a blog. So here it is my very own blog"Between the Chalk Lines." Even though this blog is mainly about my art life I thought it would be fitting to give a nod to my great love of sports, softball in particular through the title. Between the chalk lines refers to how one acts when they are on the field of play, or as it is better know "Between the Chalk Lines." So now that I have explained my title lets get down to business. I love illustration and I love sports. So its more than like there will be random sport posts..... I'm also very interested in working with cut paper, and doing backgrounds, which is apparent by the work I've posted today. We'll I hope all those who stop by my blog enjoy themselves and feel free to make comments I'm looking forward to it.

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